Howard Lee Naylor

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A special thanks to everyone who helped with my CD

Ian Lopez Ganoza who produced, edited, mixed and mastered but he doesn't do dishes.

Carl Korytko who played guitar and bass and made my music come to life. 

Mike Michalkow (the real magic mike) killer drums and percussions.

Meghan Engel who played the violins cello and viola. Beautiful and so talented.

Possibilities    (song list)

01 I'm on your time

02 Possibilities

03 You can't hide what's in your heart

04 Think about love

05 When your my girl

06 I'm in love with you

"For your listening and dancing pleasure!"

I do play cover songs from the last 6 decades. I've been told that my voice blends well with many different artist and I do them justice, so there's that. So I blend classic rock songs with my own originals making for a good time for all. Hope to see you all soon.

These are some cover songs I recorded in my home studio. 

Songs written by Howard  Naylor     

07 Frustrations

08 Those summer days

09 Never knew the ways of love

10 For so long

11 Matter of convienence

12 Ginger Girl

Cover Songs

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  1. I'm on your time
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  2. Possibilities
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  3. You can't hide your love away
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  4. Think about love
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  5. When your my girl
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  6. I'm in love with you
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  7. Frustrations
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  8. Those summer days
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  9. Never knew the ways of love
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  10. For so long
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  11. Matter of convenience
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  12. Ginger girl
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Album Title
Classic Rock, Alternative, pop. Songs about love, life with hooks harmonies and catchy melodies.
$ 9.99